One Percent Infinity

“One Percent Infinity” is a concept that refers to making small, consistent improvements over a long period of time to achieve significant results.

The idea is that even the smallest improvements made consistently over time will compound and lead to exponential growth and transformation. It emphasizes the importance of focusing on the process of continuous improvement rather than seeking instant or immediate results.

One Percent Infinity Example:

Let’s say you’ve decided to run a marathon, but you’ve never run more than a few miles at a time before. If you were to apply the “One Percent Infinity” principle to your training, you might start by committing to improving by just 1% each day.

On day one, you might run just one mile, but by the end of the week, you would aim to run 1.07 miles (1% more than the previous week). By the end of the second week, you would aim to run 1.14 miles (1% more than the previous week’s total), and so on.

At the end of 365 days, you would have increased your running distance by 37.78 times your starting distance! This might seem daunting at first, but the key is to focus on making small, incremental improvements every day, rather than trying to make huge strides all at once.

As you continue to train, you will gradually build up your endurance and running distance, and the improvements you make each day will become more noticeable. By the time you reach race day, you will have made significant progress towards your goal, all thanks to the power of “One Percent Infinity” and the commitment to small, consistent improvements over time.

How to Calculate One Percent Infinity

If you improve by 1% every day for 365 days, you would NOT be 365% better after a year. You would be 3,778% better.

This is because each day, you are not only improving by 1% of your starting point, but also by 1% of the improvements you have already made.

To calculate the compound total, you can use the following formula:

(1 + 0.01)^365 – 1 = 37.78

This means that by improving by just 1% every day for a year, you will have achieved nearly 38 times your starting level of improvement! It’s important to remember that the key to making progress with “One Percent Infinity” is consistency and commitment to small improvements every day.